From The Night.

September 19th, 2014

It’s always a great day when I spend time in the presence of super intelligent, very creative, always hilarious people like Torquil Campbell. I’ve worked the last 3 Stars albums, and I feel so strongly connected to this band, and the fantastic people both in and around the group. They drive forward with a seemingly unending supply of fresh ideas and inspiration, always staying topical on what is happening in the world of art, music, culture, politics. This new record, No One Is Lost the band’s seventh record, collectively scoops you up in an enveloping embrace of dance beats (infused from the dance club directly beneath the groups Montreal recording studio) and yet delivers the quintessential Stars elements of trademark dual vocals, from Torq and Amy Millan and lyrically, dark narratives that arrest you. No One is Lost? Everyone is.

Check out STARS on tour with Hey Rosetta! for November and across Canada in February 2015. No One Is Lost is out on Oct 14